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MaggieFrame Magnetic Hoop

Great Quality and Perfect Price!

刺繍のプロのためのスマートツール - MaggieFrame

MaggieFrameは刺繍ミシンマグネット式刺しゅうフープ、レギュラー式刺しゅうフープ、フープステーションを提供します: Tajima Brother Babylock Ricoma Happy Barudan SWF ZSK Melco Janome and Chinese Manufactured embroidery machines. 皆様がここで刺繍の楽しさを見つけることを願っています。

Customer Review

Fast shipment and delivery (Belgium). Fast answer when you need help picking the right frame size and brackets. I wil order again at maggie frames.
Marijke Lievens
These magnetic frames are the perfect tool for holding bags and thick jackets for embroidery - the lines around the hoop ensure that it is easy to put the logo on straight. the 5.1 inch size is ideal for most logo's.
Cinton Grey
Magnets are very strong. Was very easy to assemble. Have tested the hooping process and was extremely easy to use. Definitely plan on purchasing more hoops!!!!
 Deb Metcalfe


MaggieFrameはSew Techのサブブランドで、15年以上にわたって刺繍とソーイング業界に専念してきました。




Q1: How to choose the right size MaggieFrame for your embroidery machine?
A1: Choose the size of MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops based on the size of your embroidery pattern and the working area of your embroidery machine.

Q2: Which top embroidery machine brands are recommended?
A2: Some of the top embroidery machine brands are Brother, Babylock, Ricoma, Tajima, HappyJapan, SWF, Barudan, ZSK, Melco, Bernina, Janome, Elna, Husqvarna Viking, and Pfaff, among others.

Q3: What are the advantages of MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops?
A3: The advantage of MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery frame is its wide compatibility, strong magnets and high durability.

Q4: Are MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops suitable for embroidering heavy or special materials?
A4: MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops work on many types of fabrics, including some thicker materials. However, for special or very heavy materials, we recommend testing first to ensure the best embroidery results.