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How to Choose Magnetic Embroidery Hoops for Brother PR Embroidery Machines

How to Choose Magnetic Embroidery Hoops for Brother PR Embroidery Machines

Discover the perfect magnetic embroidery frame for your Brother PR Series or Baby Lock machine (models listed below) with this informative guide.

Brother PR600 / PR600II /PR600C / PR620 / PR620II

Brother PR650 / PR650E / PR655 / PR655X / PR670E / PR670EV / PR680W                        

Brother PR1000 / PR1000E / PR1050X / PR1055X / PRS100   

Brother PE440E                                                                 

Baby Lock EMP6/ BMP6                                    

Baby Lock BMP8/ BMP9                                    

Baby Lock BNT10/ ENT10                                 

Baby Lock ENT10L

Baby Lock endurance

1.What Are Magnetic Embroidery Hoops?

Magnetic Embroidery Hoop is kind of magnet frames, which is used on embroidery machines. Comparing to the traditional plastic embroidery hoops, There is no need to adjust the outer ring of the hoop when using magnetic embroidery hoops, because it holds the fabric with magnetic force, and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses.

2. How Important it is to use the Right Magnetic Embroidery Hoops for Your Brother PR or Baby Lock Machines.

If you've ever embroidered with an embroidery machine, then you'll know that the hoop is one of the most important tools. The hoop is used to keep the garment tight and stable as you embroider, ensuring that your design looks perfect. The right hoop will make it easier for you to embroider intricate designs, and it will also help you avoid damaging your machine. While with different magnetic frame on the market, how can we know which one is right for our Brother PR Series embroidery machines? Here's a quick guide to help you make the best choice.

3. First Thing To Think About Before Choose The Magnetic Embroidery Hoops.

First of all, how to choose the size of the magnetic frame?

If you want to embroider a small design, a small size magnetic hoops is enough.

But if you want to embroider a larger design on you embroidery machines, you can purchase a large magnetic embroidery hoops.

Ideally, When selecting a hoop for your embroidery design, aim for one that's about 1-inch bigger. Keep in mind if you're tackling an expansive project, feel free to reposition the garment within it as necessary and always remove from the adhesive ring when not stitching!

If you are not sure what size frame you need for your machines, it is best to err on the side of caution and purchase a larger frame. You can always shrink your design to fit the size of the frame, but you can't enlarge it.

4. Think About the Budget

Then, determine your budget. Magnetic hoops range in price from $100 to $500, once you have determined your budget narrow down your choices and only consider those hoops that are in your price range. Costs add up fast if you want magnetic hoops in multiple sizes.

5. Do magnetic hoops work?

 Magnetic hoops are revolutionizing the embroidery industry with their attractive features. By exchanging clamps for magnets, these innovative tools offer a range of advantages such as fast and easy tension adjustments without risking hoop warping or distorting your project's shape. Furthermore, adjustable magnets provide users with more control over fabric tension on different parts of an item - minimizing puckering issues associated with hand-held embroidery projects according to user feedback from experienced practitioners within this sector.

Unlike some frames hooping with four magnets, The MaggieFrame use stronger magnetic hoop ring to quickly fit snug into place.

Magnetic hoops provide an easy and secure way to keep garment in place during embroidery projects - no tools required. It can support to embroider thick materials easily.

 Magnetic hoops allow experienced embroiderers to enjoy stress-free projects that are easier than ever. These cost-effective tools draw rave reviews from enthusiasts who have embraced them for their convenience and time savings when creating stunning works of art!

Attention that the Magnetic embroidery hoop is only workable for embroidery machines, but not for sewing machine.

6. Does Brother make a magnetic embroidery hoops For Brother PR Embroidery Machine?

Yes, Brother does make a magnetic embroidery hoops for Brother machines. There are a few different types of Brother PR Magnetic hoops to choose from depending on what project you’re working on and what type of fabric you need to stitch. 

7. Magnetic Embroidery Hoop from Brother Company

1). Brother PRVMFLKIT 5x7-inch Flash Frame Magnetic Embroidery Hoop


The first is the PRVMFLKIT 5x7-inch Flash Frame Magnetic Embroidery Hoops, which is designed for use on most large Brother PR machines. It has an adjustable arm that makes it easy to attach securely to your machine and ensures the fabric stays in place while you stitch. This hoop can be used with thicker fabrics like fleece, heavy canvas, and denim, as well as thinner fabrics like chiffon and lace.

PRVMFLKIT 5x7-inch Flash Frame
The Online Shop Retail Price is: 399.99 USD.

2). Brother PRVMFM 4x4-inch Magnetic Embroidery Hoop

The second type of Brother PR Magnetic Embroidery hoops is the Brother PRVMFM 4x4-inch Magnetic Hoop, which is perfect for smaller projects on your PR machine. It has a wide opening so you can fit more complex designs into the hoop without stretching or distorting them. This hoop can also accommodate thicker fabrics like denim and canvas as well as lighter fabrics like Batiste and silk organza.

4x4-inch Magnetic Embroidery Hoop

The Online Shop Retail Price is: 399.99 USD.

3). Brother PRMH50 2x2-inch Mini Magnetic Hoop

Lastly, there is the Brother PRMH50 2x2-inch Mini Magnetic Embroidery Hoops which is ideal for those smaller projects or tiny intricate details due to its small size and light weight. The mini magnetic embroidery hoops has a special non-slip design that helps keep your fabric in place while stitching even the most delicate projects such as monogramming or creating applique designs.

 Brother PRMH50 Hoop

The Online Retail Price is: 119.99 USD.

8. MaggieFrame-From Sew Tech Brand---Another kind of Optional Magnetic Embroidery Hoops for Brother PR or Baby Lock Embroidery Machine

8-1. The Feature of MaggieFrame:

A) MaggieFrame is able to work with Brother PR and Baby Lock machine. Which is strong magnetic embroidery hoops. Also, it suits for almost any embroidery machine.

B) At least 8 sizes of MaggieFrame optional for Brother PR or Baby Lock embroidery machines.

C) The unique design with positioning lines (plastic grids) makes it easier for end users to position the size position.

D) the unique design of the magnetic connection system allows for easy fabric and thread changes, so you can always get the perfect stitching / quilting result.

E) Durable and unbreakable. MaggieFrame's magnetic embroidery hoops is tested for durability, allowing frequent and repeated use without damage or breakage. You can even use it for years. It is the very consistent hooping system in the industry.

F) High cost performance. Compared with other products, MaggieFrame is more cost effective and affordable for the masses. MaggieFrame reduce hoop burn, and stress on arms and wrists

 HoopTalent Hooping Station



8-2. What are the most common sizes/Popular sizes recommended of MaggieFrame for Brother PR embroidery Machines/Baby Lock Machines?

Among the various sizes of MaggieFrame, there are 3 main recommended sizes, which are most commonly used for Brother PR or Baby Lock models.

MaggieFrame magnetic hoops

Below are the Product Direct Purchasing links for these 3 sizes of MaggieFrame

5.1inch MaggieFrame for Brother PR

6x8inch MaggieFrame for Brother PR

8x13inch MaggieFrame for Brother PR

8-3. Which Embroidery Hooping Size of MaggieFrame is Best For Beginners?

Any embroidery embroidery hoops will work fine for beginners as long as it grips the fabric well. A smaller hoop, such as 5.1 inch hoops are a great size to start with because they are easy to hold while you're stitching and they are a great size for a beginner project

8-4. More Optional Sizes of MaggieFrame for Brother PR or Baby Lock Embroidery Machines.

If the above do not meet your specific needs, you can also choose from the sizes below to suit your use

If the above do not meet your specific needs, you can also choose from the sizes below to suit your use. Click here!

embroidery magnetic hoops

8-5. MaggieFrame Hooping Station---Hoop Talent


You may also need a MaggieFrame magnetic hooping station - HoopTalent, which is the most consistent hooping system and latest invention available in the industry. HoopTalent is recommended to use with MaggieFrame for the ultimate hooping experience.

hooping station

embroidery hooping station

hooping start kit

 8-6. The Price Range about the MaggieFrame

The Online Retail Price of MaggieFrame for Brother PR or Baby Lock Embroidery Machiens Varies from 95.86~135usd.

8-7. How To Use MaggieFrame?

You can also see more detail in the video by this website, please click here.

8-8. Can We Get Special Discount if We Buy The MaggieFrame?

Here! You can get Discount on Your MaggieFrame Use Code "CLAIRECHEN3" by this link.

Usually most items in the online shop is on stock, and they can be shipped fast like 7-15 working days in different countries, USA, Europe etc. Only in a few cases, it may be out of stock due to hot sales, and the delivery time take longer.

9. 8IN1 Magna Magnetic hoops(From Sew Tech)

The Magna 8in1 Magnetic hoops from Sew Tech are a another great option for those who have Brother PR or Baby Lock Embroidery Machines. These hoops come in 8 sizes, helping you to choose the size that best fits your project. Not only do they come with 8 magnets, but they also feature an adjustable center bar so you can easily move and adjust the hoop to fit things like larger pieces of fabric. The sturdy, yet lightweight ABS plastic allows the hoop to remain secure while still being able to be flexible. You never have to worry about the hoop slipping or moving around as you work on your projects. Additionally, the magnetic bars on these frame lock into place quickly and easily, allowing for less time spent on setup and more time spent on creating beautiful works of art.

8in1 hoops

The Online Retail Price is Around 219 USD.

What the difference among them(Brother Magnetic Hoops/MaggieFrame from Sew Tech/8IN1 Magna Hoops from Sew Tech)?

MaggieFrame hoops

In conclusion, all three products offer some distinct advantages over one another, depending on what needs must be met regarding each specific project. For instance, those who like brother brand and don't care spending much money prefer Brother Company's magnetic hoops; Those who are looking superior functionality and cost effectiveness prefer MaggieFrame ; and Those seeking convenience of having multiple hoops with adjustable tension will likely appreciate 8IN1 Magna Magnetic hoops.


Hello we are looking to buy a magnetic hoop for a brothers sewing machine.
We have the brothers PR670E we would like the 100×100mm and would like the stand. So looking for a price?
Thanks Chloe

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