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The Ultimate Guide to Perfectly Placing Left Chest Logos

The Ultimate Guide to Perfectly Placing Left Chest Logos


1. Materials You'll Need

2. Procedure


1. Materials You'll Need

  • Blank Polo

     When selecting your blank polo, always strike a balance between quality and affordability. By establishing wholesale accounts with vendors, you can avail discounts, especially on bulk purchases, boosting your profitability. Always opt for best-selling items to ensure the fit and quality resonate with a wider audience.
  • MaggieFrame Starter Kit

     MaggieFrame is designed to expedite the hooping process. Suitable for a variety of garments and sizes, this kit is especially beneficial for repeat orders or items with consistent design placements, such as left chest logos. It's a boon for beginners, ensuring accurate placement every time. However, if you don't have this accessory, fret not! You can still hoop your garments using the standard hoops that come with your embroidery machine.

  • Embroiderer's Helper Template Placement Tool

    This tool is a game-changer for positioning embroidery for right and left chest logos. Acting as a guide, it helps you measure the perfect placement spot for different garment sizes. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned pro, this affordable tool is a must-have. With practice, you might even master the art of eyeballing the placement.

  • Embroidery Marking Pen

    This tool is essential for marking your garments for embroidery placement. The non-permanent blue ink can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth and cold water. If you don't have this pen, chalk is a good alternative.

  • Specialty Stabilizer

     For our project, we'll be using a 3.1 oz cutaway stabilizer. It's crucial to select a stabilizer that's gentle on the skin and doesn't show through light-colored shirts.


2. Procedure

  • Placement

    A standard measurement to keep in mind is 5-7 inches vertically for women's polos and 7-9 inches for men. Horizontally, aim for 4-6 inches for both genders.
  • Hooping

    The trickiest part is aligning the top hoop with the guidelines on your design. Once aligned, press down on your top hoop, and you're set!
  • Marking

    Use the water-erasable pen to mark the garment. This pen can be sourced from Amazon or local craft stores. Measure and mark the desired distances.
  • Using the Embroidery Helper

    This tool simplifies the marking process, especially for polos. It provides clear directions for placement, ensuring precision every time.
  • Maggie Frame

     This magnetic hoop system is the most efficient way to hoop a polo. It consists of three parts: the main guide, the Maggie Frame guide, and the actual MaggieFrame. Once you've placed your polo and stabilizer, simply press down the top hoop onto the bracket.
  • Embroidering

    For this demonstration, we're using the Ricoma. After selecting the design and presetting the colors, lock the machine and press the trace button. Now, you're ready to start embroidering!

The end result? A perfectly placed left chest logo with no puckering or registration issues. Clean, professional, and ready to impress!


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