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How Much Do You Know Computerized Embroidery?

How much do you know about computerized embroidery? MaggieFrame teaches you step by step what are the computerized embroidery.

What is Computerized Embroidery?

Computerized embroidery is a process that uses embroidery software and computerized embroidery machines to create intricate patterns and designs on fabric. Unlike traditional hand embroidery, which requires needles and thread, computerized embroidery uses high-tech embroidery machines and specialized embroidery layout software to create beautiful, intricate works of art. The process begins with the creation of a design file that contains all the information necessary for the machine to complete its work. Once completed, that file is loaded into the embroidery machine where it can be adjusted as needed to create any desired pattern.

The Main Advantages Of Computerized Embroidery Over Traditional Embroidery By Hand.

Computerized embroidery increases accuracy and precision, improves product consistency, faster production, and lower overall costs. Computerized embroidery machines are highly accurate and can produce detailed patterns that are impossible to achieve by hand. They also run faster than manual, which means that larger projects can be completed in significantly less time. Finally, because most of the labor involved in creating a design is done by the machine itself, labor costs are typically much lower than those associated with manual embroidery.

In addition to these advantages over traditional embroidery by hand, computerized embroidery typically produces higher quality results and has less material waste than other methods. This is due in part to the fact that because each stitch is programmed into the machine before the stitching begins, it is easy for the operator to check for errors or misalignments before running the entire batch; whereas creating designs by hand requires constant monitoring throughout the project. In addition to this accuracy advantage, computerized sewing typically offers better flexibility and durability compared to hand sewing; making it ideal for making garments that may require more durability or stretch than regular garments. Finally, because computerized machines use less material (such as yarn) in the production process, they typically result in less fabric waste than other methods - making them an environmentally friendly choice as well!

Before Knowing more about computerized embroidery, let us know more about Embroidery Machines.

First of all, let's start with the embroidery machine to understand.

9 Different Types of Embroidery

1. Flat Embroidery

Flat Embroidery is a type of needlework that uses two-dimensional embroidery techniques to create designs with yarns or threads on fabric. This type of embroidery is also sometimes referred to as surface embroidery and can be used to embellish clothing, household items such as pillows or curtains, and much more. Flat Embroidery involves using an embroidery machine to create intricate designs in the fabric. It is different from other types of embroidery because it involves the use of a hoop or frame such as MaggieFrame Magnetic HoopYou can Use Coupon "CHERRYBI000" by this LINK.

magnetic embroidery frames

Feature Of Flat Embroidery

From clothes to accessories, flat embroidery is a versatile way of adding unique designs and patterns onto almost any material imaginable. Its widespread usage gives it the potential for limitless creativity - so let those imaginations run wild!

What Is A Magnetic MaggieFrame?

A magnetic MaggieFrame, also known as "Magnet Hoop", "Magnetic Hoop", and "Magnetic Embroidery Hoop " is sort of like a regular embroidery hoop. The Magnetic MaggieFrame is a strong magnetic hoop, which can be used on almost any embroidery machine (not sewing machine) such as Brother, baby lock. There is no need to adjust the outer ring of the hoop, because it holds the garment with magnetic force, and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses. MaggieFrame can reduce hoop burn, and stress on arms and wrists. You can hoop the impossible with MaggieFrame, even Carhartt!

MaggieFrame is the latest invention patented by Sewtech Industry Co., Ltd., the innovators of the MaggieFrame. The MaggieFrame is the best-selling commercial embroidery hooping system in the world. Its patented features make it the easiest, fastest, and most consistent hooping system available in the industry. We recommend using the HoopTalent with MaggieFrame for the ultimate hooping experience!

Please kindly note:

  • Sewtech embroidery hooping devices-HoopTalent and magnetic hoop-MaggieFrame are for commercial and entry level embroidery machines such as Tajima, Happy, Melco, Ricoma, Toyota, Brother PR, Baby Lock, or Brother commercial machines and so on.
  • We have 15 different kinds of magnetic hoops for your reference
  • Very Strong magnetic hoop, Please be careful with your fingers

The following pictures are the embroidery project with multiple sizes MaggieFrame for your reference, if you want to know the price, shipping, etc, please visit our website or contact our customer service.

Are Magnetic MaggieFrame Embroidery Hoops Good?

Unlike traditional embroidery hoop clamps embroidery blanks are attached to outer rings to protect them from the ring's surface. Often this technique leaves marks and impressions engraved on the blank.
Magnetic MaggieFrame can be a convenient option for holding fabric in place while embroidering. They can be easier to adjust and secure than traditional hoops, which rely on tension to hold the fabric.
Some people prefer magnetic MaggieFrame because they believe that the magnets won't damage the fabric as much as traditional hoops. However, it really depends on personal preferences and your embroidery projects. It's a good idea to try different types of hoops to see which one works best for you.

2. Applique

Decoration or trimming cut from one piece of fabric and stitched to another, usually with a satin stitch around the edge. adds dimension and/or texture to a design. also can be used for economical or decorative purposes. appliques are frequently used to reduce overall embroidery stitch counts, execute reproductions of which embroidery is incapable (such as continuous-tone printing) and decorate substrates difficult to embroider directly.

embroidery logo

3. 3D Puff Foam Embroidery

3D puff foam embroidery is a 3D design created by wrapping EVA glue around the embroidery thread, which can be produced on ordinary flat embroidery.
Solid 3D puff foam embroidery is an embroidery technique that embodies embroidery with a pad and material.

3D embroidery is Perfect for customize hats and shoes. this intricate technique combines the traditional artistry of embroidery with foam sponge or styrene sheet padding to create truly unique pieces that stand out from the crowd.

The material used for padding is foam sponge and styrene sheet that does not interfere with the embroidery, and the thickness is between the presser foot and the fabric (3-5mm).
Note: Special materials are required.

What Is the The Feature Of 3D Embroidery?

1. It can reflect the volume and 3D that cannot be reflected by thread only, and make the embroidery pattern more 3D.
2. The upper line has a 3D feeling to the fabric, and it can highlight the depth and luster of the color.
3. Even on fabrics of limited embroidering capability such as hats, big patterns are still possible thanks to this amazing craftsmanship.


3d embroidery hats

4. Sequin Embroidery

Sequin Embroidery is a string of beads of the same specified shape and size, and then embroidered on a flat embroidery machine with a sequin embroidery device. (Note: Sequin embroidery device is required).
The sequin embroidery device can be installed on the first or last stitch of the head of the specified model, and then a novel sequin embroidery is performed.

sequin embroidery

5. Bead embroidery

Bead embroidery, also called Sequins embroidery, is made of hollow beads, bead tubes, artificial gemstones, glittering beads, etc., which are embroidered on clothing to produce a dazzling effect of beads, generally used on stage performance costumes to add beauty and attraction to clothing, and also widely used on shoe uppers, bags, jewelry boxes, etc.
Bead embroidery is to string the specified shape and size of beads into a rope-like material, and then embroider on the flat embroidery machine which has been added with the bead embroidery device. (Note: bead embroidery device is required).

bead embroidery on clothing

6. Towel Embroidery

Towel embroidery: It is a kind of embroidery, which is three-dimensional embroidery, the effect is very similar to towel fabric, so it is named towel embroidery.

There are two types of towel embroidery performed by towel special machines as follows.

(1) Towel embroidery
A very popular embroidery method on European and American garments, the effect is just like a piece of towel cloth is attached, soft to the touch, flat, and with a variety of color variations. The embroidery is done through a special towel machine head, and ordinary embroidery thread is hooked up from the bottom of the machine, winding one loop after another to bring out the towel effect.

(2) Chain Embroidery
Chain Embroidery is also a popular embroidery method in Europe and America, and it is done by changing the hooking action of the special machine head. It is named after the unique embroidery effect because the loops are looped one after another and shaped like chains.

embroidered bath towels

7. Rope embroidery

Rope embroidery, also known as rope strand embroidery, it is carried out by computerized rope embroidery machine on the fabric, such as rope embroidery.

rope embroidery

8. Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is a popular hand embroidery craft, but now it can be imitated by machine, which greatly increases the added value of embroidery machine; if the embroidery design can be matched with a hand embroidery-like effect, it will stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

cross stitch patterns

9. Tape Embroidery

Nowadays, there are two main types of tape embroidery: independent tape embroidery and simple tape embroidery. It is a kind of embroidery way that different width of ribbons are exported through the guide nozzle and pinned on the textile with fish silk thread, which is usually used on garments and fabrics to form a more three-dimensional pattern, and is a relatively new type of computerized embroidery stitch that is now widely used.

embroidery hoop tape

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