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Brother Babylock Magnetic Hoops MaggieFrame And Why They Matter| 7 Useful FAQS

Brother Babylock Magnetic Hoops MaggieFrame And Why They Matter| 7 Useful FAQS

1.What Are Brother/Babylock Magnetic MaggieFrame

Magnetic Frame MaggieFrame with green color, is a type of embroidery frame and perfect accessory that uses strong magnets to secure hooped fabrics in place during the embroidery process. This makes it easier and faster to change fabrics compared to traditional embroidery frame, which often require the use of screws or other fastening mechanisms. The MaggieFrame's magnetic design allows you to quickly and easily secure your hooped fabrics in place with a simple snap, making it a convenient tool for embroidery projects. Additionally, the MaggieFrame is made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring that it will last for a long time and withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Overall, the MaggieFrame is a versatile and efficient tool for anyone looking to improve their embroidery experience.

Magnetic frame MaggieFrame can used with Brother/Babylock embroidery machines very well. The MaggieFrame is designed to be quick and easy to change, thanks to the use of powerful magnetic technology. The magnetic design of the MaggieFrame allows you to secure your thick and thin fabric in place with a simple snap, making it an efficient tool for embroidery projects. The magnets make it super easy to reposition your fabrics for multiple hoopings, making it a must have for quilting or large embroidery designs!With the MaggieFrame, you can easily change out your thick and thin fabric, which can save you time and increase your productivity when working on multiple projects.

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2. How Do you Use A Brother/Babylock Magnetic Embroidery Hoops?

The Brother/Babylock Magnetic Hoop is a tool that can be used in conjunction with a Brother/Babylock embroidery machine to hold fabric in place while you embroider designs onto it. Here's how to use a Babylock Magnetic Hoop:

Prepare your fabric: Make sure your fabric is cut to the right size and has a stabilizer backing attached to the back side.

Place the fabric in the hoop: Place the fabric on the top frame part with the stabilizer side facing down,put bottom hoop part on fabric,Then magnetic hoop secure the fabric in place with strong magnets forces.

Load the magnetic hoop into the embroidery machine: Place the magnetic hoop into the embroidery arm and to secure it in place.

Select the design: Use the controls on the embroidery machine to select the design you want to embroider onto the fabric.

Start the embroidery process: Press the start button on the machine to begin the embroidery process. The machine will move the hoop and needle to stitch the design onto the fabric.

Remove the fabric from the hoop: Once the embroidery process is complete, carefully remove the hoop from the machine and then remove the fabric from the hoop.

3.When to Use A Magnetic Hoop MaggieFrame for Brother/Baby Lock Machine?

A magnetic frame MaggieFrame is the perfect accessory for a Babylock machine is typically used when you want to do embroider on fabrics that are difficult to hoop, such as stretchy or slippery fabrics. The magnetic attraction between the hoop and the base plate helps to hold the fabric securely in place, preventing it from shifting or becoming distorted during the embroidery process.

This makes the MaggieFrame ideal for use with fabrics material like knit or stretchy t-shirts, towels, and other items that can be challenging to hoop using traditional methods. Additionally, the MaggieFrame's clear plastic cover allows you to see the fabric and the design being embroidered, making it easier to ensure that your designs are accurate and properly aligned.

The MaggieFrame is also a good choice for projects where you want to embroider large embroidery designs on the same fabric and perfect for large designs requiring multiple hoopings, as you can easily remove the frame and replace it with a new design, without having to rehoop the fabric each time.

In short, if you want to create high-quality embroidery designs on challenging fabrics with your Babylock machine, the magnet hoops MaggieFrame is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

4.What Types Of Garments Can Hoop With The Brother/Babylock Magnetic Embroidery Hoops MaggieFrame?

The magnetic embroidery hoops MaggieFrame is designed to allow you to hoop a wide variety of garments, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and other types of knit or stretchy fabric. It is particularly well-suited for hooping difficult-to-hoop items such as collars, sleeves, and hems.

The magnetic embroidery hoopsMaggieFrame works by suspending the garment over the frame, allowing you to easily hoop and embroider even the most difficult-to-hoop areas. The frame is adjustable, so you can adjust the tension and position of the different thicknesses garment to achieve the perfect fit.

One advantage of the magnet hoop MaggieFrame is that it can help to reduce hoop burn and master allover embroidery, which can occur when the fabric is stretched too tightly in a traditional hoop. The frame's suspension system allows the fabric to relax, helping to prevent hoop burn and ensuring that your embroidery projects turn out perfectly every time.   

5.Which Brother/Baby Lock Machine Magnetic Frame MaggieFrame Fit Well?

 The MaggieFrame is designed fit for use with Babylock Brand embroidery machines. However, not all Babylock embroidery machines are compatible with the MaggieFrame(Not fit for Sewing and Embroidery Machine,like as Baby Lock Solaris , Baby Lock Solaris 2,Baby lock Solaris BLSA,Baby lock Solaris Vision 3),It is important to check the specifications of your specific machine to ensure that it is compatible with the MaggieFrame before purchasing.

The MaggieFrame compatible with different Series and model Brother/Babylock embroidery machines following:

1)Brother PR600,Brother PR600II,Brother PR600C,Brother PR620,Brother PR620II, Brother PR650,Brother PR650E,Brother PR655,Brother PR1000,Brother PR1000E,Brother PR1050X,Brother PR1055X,Babylock EMP6/ BMP6,Babylock BMP8/ BMP9,Babylock BNT10/ ENT10,Babylock/ENT10L,Babylock Endurance.

2)Brother VR,Brother PRS100,Babylock Alliance.


It is important to use only the hoops that are specifically designed for your Brother/Babylock machine, as using the wrong hoop can cause damage to the machine or produce poor-quality results.

6. What Sizes Of MaggieFrame Are Better For Your Brother/BabyLock Embroidery Machines?  

The size of the magnet frame MaggieFrame that is best for your embroidery work will depend on the size of your embroidery machine and the size of the projects you will be working on. It is important to choose a frame that is compatible with your embroidery machines and that is large enough to accommodate your projects.

Hoop Set For Brother PR series Machine,you can select 8 kinds different sizes Hoops for Brother/Babylock following: 3.9 inches, 5.1 inches, 6.5 inches, 6.9 inches, 5.9 inches x 8.1 inches,7.7 inches x 2.8 inches.

Hoop set For Brother VR,Brother PRS100,Babylock Alliance machine,you can select 6 kinds different sizes Hoops for Brother/Babylock following:3.9 inches, 5.1 inches, 6.5 inches, 6.9 inches, 7.7 inches x 12.4 inches,4 inches x 12.8 inches,5.9 inches x 8.1 inches,7.7 inches x 2.8 inches.

In general, it is a good idea to choose the magnetic embroidery frame on each side of the embroidery design, This will provide you with better embroidery design results and give you some extra room to maneuver and will help to ensure that the frame is large enough to accommodate your projects.

7.Why Magnetic Hoops MaggieFrame Matter And Why We Choose MaggieFrame? 

Strong Magnet Hoop MaggieFrame have several advantages over traditional embroidery hoops. Some of the main reasons to consider using a MaggieFrame include:

7.1 Holds fabric securely:These MaggieFrame hold your fabric taut with a strong magnetic force and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses and a firm grip. They create a beautiful tension on your fabric and provide the perfect canvas for your embroidery.

7.2 Holds thicker fabrics/garments:Holds and tightens a variety of fabrics and garments These Maggie magnetic embroidery frames can hold different thicknesses even thicker fabrics than traditional frames by magnetic force and automatically adjusts.

7.3 More Efficient:You will save time with the quick and easy process of using these Maggie magnetic embroidery frame. Secure your fabric and start embroidering in just seconds! Saving your money.

7.4 Quick and easy fabric placement:One of the main benefits of magnetic frame is that they allow for quick and easy fabric placement.There is no need to adjust the Top frame of the hoop, because it holds the garment with magnet force, and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses,making it easy to get the fabric positioned correctly for embroidery.Turely saving lots of your time.

7.5 Reduced hoop burn:It's is a common problem that can occur when the fabric is stretched too tightly in a traditional frame. The magnets in a MaggieFrame help to hold the fabric in place without stretching it too tightly.

7.6 Easy to use:MaggieFrame are generally easier to use than traditional hoops, as they do not require as much tightening and adjusting. This can be especially helpful for beginners or for those who are working on large or complex embroidery project.

7.7 Compatible with a wide range of embroidery machines,MaggieFrame making them a convenient choice for those with multiple embroidery machines.

7.8 Precise fabric alignment:The magnets in a MaggieFrame can help to ensure that the fabric is properly aligned and positioned for embroidery, which can be especially helpful for precise or intricate designs.
Overall, MaggieFrame offer a number of benefits that can make embroidery project easier and more successful. MaggieFrame for ultimate hooping experience and fit for commercial machines very nice.If you are considering investing in an embroidery hoop, a MaggieFrame may be a good choice to consider. 


MaggieFrame are available in 6-8 different sizes,which is perfect accessory can be used on almost Brother/Babylock embroidery machine and for performing different embroidery tasks. It is no exaggeration to say that MaggieFrame are no problem for performing everyday embroidery tasks. One of the key services of MaggieFrame is that once the confirmed embroidery project is not operated in the right way Fixing and clamping the fabric, you do not need to start all the steps again, you only need to make minor adjustments to the MaggieFrame to achieve easy embroidery work.There is no need to adjust and slide the outer ring of the hoop, because it holds the garment with magnets force, and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses.
It's very easy for you to find more product information and content of maggie Frame by Google,you can order or purchase MaggieFrame products by Sewtech supplies online website store with large quantity stock,Maggie Frame with more competive price compare with other brand magnet hoops around of world.


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