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Embroidery Hoops and Stations

MaggieFrame provides embroidery machine magnetic hoops, tubular hoops, and hooping stations to withstand everyday commercial embroidery use and household use. Whatever you need complete kit sets and separate product hoops, you can always find the suitable items to fit your brand embroidery machine here.

If you use your mobile phone to browse our webpage, you can click filter to determine your machine, like Brother, Tajima, Ricoma, BAI, Janome and so on, which will facilitate your selection of products.


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HoopTalent hooping station
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Melco embroidery tubular hoops
Ricoma SWD1501  Magnetic Hoops
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5.5" hooping station kit
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brother 4x4 magnetic hoop
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Melco tubular hoops
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Brother PRS100 VR hoops
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SWF hooping station
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ZSK 13"x4" Magnetic Hoop
zsk hoops
dime magnetic hoop for janome 500e
Happy embroidery hoops
Hooping Station for Barudan
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