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MaggieFrame 305x295mm | 12″x11.5″ Magnetic Hoops for the Other 200+ Brands Embroidery Machines

$8590 USD

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How to Select the Hoop Length

Before you place the order, please confirm the hoop length we listed is the same as your current hoop or fit your embroidery machine.

Please measure your current hoop, example picture below: 

a. Measure the hoop length of your most commonly used hoop to choose a small or medium MaggieFrame hoop.
b. Measure the hoop length of your biggest hoop to choose a large or extra-large MaggieFrame hoop.

This video will help you to select MaggieFrame hoop length by measuring your current tubular hoop length.

Video Thumbnail

If you have trouble selecting magnetic embroidery hoops, please feel free to contact us at service@maggieframe.com. We are glad to help you.

How to Select the Hoop Bracket Shape

Before you place the order, please confirm that the brackets we list are the same as the brackets of your current hoop or fit your embroidery machine.

If you have trouble selecting the brackets of magnetic embroidery hoops, please feel free to contact us at service@maggieframe.com. We are glad to help you.

Shipping/Tracking/Return FAQ

How long does it take to receive my order?

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Which shipping method do we take?

We use major carriers like FedEx, UPS, and some fast-shipping local courier partners to ship your packages.

How can I track my order?

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Shipping Fee, Tax, and Duties

Shipping Fee will be calculated on the Checkout page.

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How do I return items?
MaggieFrame is happy to accept returns on all merchandise within 14 days of receipt. The return freight and custom fees  are not refundable. And MaggieFrame cannot accept returns on used or damaged items. For additional information, please see our returns policy.

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What to do if your address is outside the shipping country?
If your country is not on our shipping list at checkout, please contact us before purchasing.
Compatible Machine Brands:
If your embroidery machine is from a brand such as Brother, Tajima, Ricoma, BAI, Barudan QS, Baby Lock, Happy Japan, Melco, SWF, ZSK, Tajima Sai, Ricoma EM1010, Toyota, Fortever, Avance, Barudan EFP, Janome, Elna, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, Redline, Highland, Meistergram, Holiauma, Promaker, Proemb, Galaxy, Bluesky, Inbro USA, Smartstitch etc., please choose the corresponding brand to purchase. Click to buy

If your embroidery machine brand do not belong to the brands above, you can buy from this link.
MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops also work with over 200 other brands. Such as: ACE, Comelect, Demase, Dison, Haftex, Heathrow, KSM, Maison-broderie, Maitech, Merlin, MEXA, Macchina ricamatrice, Texi, Vortex, VELLES, Garudan, Sister, leader, Stitchero, CAMFIVE EMB, UltraStitch, Fuwei, Fujia, Auzen, Jinyu, Lejia, Hefeng, Honpo, WONYO, Fangyuan, Yeshi, FUNSUN, Futong, CBL, SINSIM, Rainbow, Feiya, MYSEW, Britex, Yunfu, Maya, Richpeace, REVHON & QHM, Yonthin, Yuemei, Feiyue, KingJet, Jiahuang, Fssanxin, SIV, Haoyue, PromoTex, Shenshilei, Cecle, Lihong, Doit, ARROW STAR, QSEW, STR Ocean, Gangduo, ELM, Elucky, Shenen, KKtech, KQM, Zoje, Mimage, Jocky, Disen, Mana, Yinghe, Autowin, WYSD/SHUNDA, GWF, Xingma, RECAI, AVERMA/Honlu, Newest, Changhua/TWH, Hento, Zoyer, VWA, Markeyier, Anysew, Zhengtai, HR, Rainbowe, Gtrobel, Honkon, Stenburg, Bohui, GoldStone, Opek, JAWO, Gemini, Taizy, Share, Rosew, SIGMA, Richon, Qianye, Everen, Gainjoy, ESUN, Nuodi, FAYSO, CHOICE, Qiaozheng, Zheli, Chaoyue, Silver, Xinjia, feiying, Voltex, SOWI, PROKNIT, Mak Prime, DMP, BZBS, RIKEA, BESER, KAIZEN, ASWIN, TSM, CEGLE, GENERATIONS, Doublelin, ISTITCH, TEWH, DTF, Bolton Tools, AVERMA, VOLTEX, TITAN, MAXIMA, FAMATEX, SeamTec, COS, Willpex, WAF, TEYKO, L-TEC, Futurize, JULEE, RVM, UNIX- Promaker,HSW, SGK, UME, VIDYA, EMBROIDERY NOTION, Hooray, Keppus, SHODA, SPECTA, CNY, Lion Star, Kaesar, Song, KIMDOOSKY, ZSM, Sakashi, Santeks, Yuki, Kingstar, Rikson, MH, ORFALI, ZORAH etc. 

When purchasing, please pay attention to choose the right bracket shape

1. This hoop inside dimension is 305x295mm / 12″x11.5″.
2. The actual embroidery area will be smaller by 15mm / 0.6" (depending on the brand of machine).
3. The brackets for you vary according to hoop length and hoop bracket shape selection.

Packing List:

1. Embroidery Hoop Main Part (Without Brackets) x 1
2. A Pair of Brackets x 1
3. Screws
Note: Brackets need to be assembled with the screws.

Product Videos:

Through these two customer visit videos, you can understand the difference between MaggieFrame magnetic hoop and tubular hoop.

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail

More Info.:

1.MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop for embroidery machines holds the garment firmly with magnetic force and automatically adapts for different thicknesses, and the outer hoop doesn't need to be adjusted. With these magnetic hoops, hooping clothing such as women's bag hat and coat is now simpler and faster than ever.
2. Because the magnetic hoops are magnetically attached together, you don't have to manually tighten your hoop strength anymore, which relieves stress on your hands and wrists.
3. The way MaggieFrame embroidery hoop holds the fabric reduces hoop burns embroidery, thereby preserving the appearance of your fabrics.
4. Add the magnetic hoops and hooping station of MaggieFrame to your embroidery tool kit if you want to upgrade to easier-to-use, higher-quality hoops.

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