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The Barudan C01 BEKT-S1501CII vs RICOMA-MT-1501 Embroidery Machine Comparison

The Barudan C01 BEKT-S1501CII vs RICOMA-MT-1501 Embroidery Machine Comparison


  • 1.Introduction
  • 2.Overview of Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII embroidery machine
  • 3. Overview of Ricoma MT-1501 embroidery machine
  • 4.Comparison between Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII vs Ricoma MT-1501
  • 4.1 Basic features
  • 4.2 Software features
  • 4.3 Features of Increasing production efficiency
  • 4.4 Brand model Production stability features
  • 4.5 Accessories
  • 4.6 Price and after-sales service
  • 5.User reviews and customer support
  • 5.1User reviews of Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII
  • 5.2User reviews of Ricoma MT-1501
  • 6.Purchase advice
  • 6.1Users with a limited budget
  • 6.2Users who prefer high-end embroidery experiences
  • 6.3Users who have needs for specific embroidery functions
  • 7.Compatible MaggieFrame magnetic hoop sizes
  • 8.FAQ


In the bustling realm of textile design, efficiency, quality, and functionality are imperatives that guide the industry. A fantastic tool aiding this process is the commercial embroidery machine - with state-of-the-art technology knitting the dreams of designers into vibrant reality. In this context, two titans, the Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and the Ricoma MT-1501 stand tall, respected for their prowess and efficiency.

Let's delve deeper into their features, performance,and user reviews to understand which machine is the better fit for you!

2.Overview of the commercial embroidery machine industry

The industry now has commercial embroidery machines that bring this creative art into the era of digital domination. These machines use software to deliver consistent, high-quality embroidery designs at higher speeds, making embroidery more accessible to hobbyists, artists, and even businesses. let's delve into a thorough comparison of two leading commercial embroidery machines - Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and Ricoma MT-1501.

3. Overview of Ricoma MT-1501

The innovative Ricoma MT-1501 is designed to help you step up your embroidery game. It's equipped with a large full-color touch screen panel operated by an intuitive control panel, making navigation and operation a breeze. Equipped with 15 needles and 1200 stitches per minute, it offers a broad spectrum of color options, enabling you to experiment with creative designs.It even includes a 7-inch LCD touch screen panel.

4.Comparison between Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII vs Ricoma MT-1501

In terms of clear understanding, we can compare and see the actual difference between these two machines.

4.1 Basic features

Basic Features  Barudan C01BEKT-S1501CII Ricoma-MT-1501
Number of needles 15 15
Number of head 1 1
Maximum embroidery speed 1300spm 1200spm
Maximum embroidery area 450x520mm 500 x 360 mm
Maximum storage of stitches 28000000/100 20000000/200
Machine weight 315kg 145 kg
Machine size 1753L x 1118W x 1727H mm 830mm L x 770mm W x 780mm H

Both the Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and Ricoma MT-1501 prove to be excellent commercial embroidery machines. In the context of basic features, Barudan C01 is more stitch per minute than Ricoma Mt-1501, while they have 1200 stitches per minute and it will make slightly difference and easy to use . These two machines have 15 needles in number.storage of stitches Barudan C01 makes 800000 more than Ricoma MT 1501-7s .The choice is indeed subjective - go for Barudan if long-term investment and superior building are your priorities. However, if you desire simpler usability, versatile design options, , Ricoma would suit your needs better.

4.2 Software features

Software features Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII Ricoma-MT-1501
USB Input Yes Yes
Supported file formats Tbf Dst,Dsb
Design software Wilcom studio Ricoma cloud /high definition
Number of fonts /lettering Not clear Yes
Language options Chinese,English, Italian,
French and Russian.
Chinese,English, Italian,
French and Russian.
The software of your embroidery machine matters as much, if not more than, the hardware. It's the brain of your embroidery machine. Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII is more focused on designs and industrial applications, making it a powerhouse for innovation and creativity with supported file design with wilcom . where as Ricoma MT-1501, shines in adaptability and customer support. Its primary strength is flexibility, striving to cater to a wide array of embroidery projects with high definition. The Barudan doesn’t have number of fonts while Ricoma MT1501-7s has rich set of digitizing tool.

4.3 Features of Increasing production efficiency

Features of increasing production efficiency  Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII Ricoma MT-1501
Automatic thread changing Yes Yes
Automatic thread trimming Yes Yes
LCD screen size K-touch automatic 7”LCD screen touch

The Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII is capable of automatic color change, a convenient feature that enhances your productivity. Similarly, Ricoma MT-1501, with , offers the auto-color change feature, enabling you to work with a variety of colors for complex designs. LCD screen high definition Ricoma MT-1501 has better choice for user . increasing of production efficiency Ricoma is a good option. The software makes it incredibly easy to navigate through features and settings, even for beginners.

4.4 Brand model Production stability features

Brand model production stability features  Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII Ricoma MT-1501
Frame drive system(fabric) Silk,denim denim
Durability Yes Yes
Low stitch error detection Yes Yes

The Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII features a safety device that halts the machine when an error occurs, thus ensuring less damage and reducing downtime. The Ricoma MT-1501 boasts an emergency stop feature that allows for quick action in case of an unfortunate incident.both has good production stability features.

4.5 Accessories

Accessories frame (embroidery) Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII Ricoma-MT-1501
Cap Attachment Included Yes Yes
Flat Embroidery Included No No
Others Brand (Compatible) MaggieFrame/SewTalent MaggieFrame/SewTalent

Both machine have cap frame 290 degree.The Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and Ricoma MT-1501 come with standard accessories like hoops, cap devices, and tool boxes.In terms of accessories, both the Barudan C01 and Ricoma MT1501-7S add incredible value.both brand machines using compatible magnetic hoop like - MaggieFrame, SewTalent etc.

4.6 Price and after-sales service

Price (USD) Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII Ricoma MT-1501
Price range 13999 to 14999USD 12599 to14500USD
Warranty 5 years 5 years

Choosing between Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and Ricoma MT- 1501, price range the Barudan C01 is high instead of Ricoma Mt 1501-7s. So Analyze your business needs first, then make your decision based on which price pack suits you the most.

5.User reviews and customer support

If you are looking for an industrial embroidery machine and you are confused about which model to pick, you’ve arrived at the right place! Today, we compare two popular machines – the Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and the Ricoma -MT- 1501 – based on the experiences of real users. Let's dive right in and see what users have to say about these two giants of the embroidery world.

5.1User reviews of Barudan C01 BEKT-S1501CII

Many users, like George, who runs a home-based embroidery venture, swear by its simplicity. "When I first started in embroidery," he said, "I had no idea how to operate machines like this, but the Barudan C01 made it easy for me. The learning curve was pretty short. Now I can't think of using any other model."
George user from England posted his twitter-2022/9/8

As user Paula mentioned, "I had a minor issue setting up the machine. I reached out to their customer service, and they were so prompt and patient in guiding me."
Pinterest/Paula user from Georgia -2021/3/1

5.2 User reviews of Ricoma MT-1501

Users praise the Ricoma MT-1501 for its high-speed performance and top-notch stitch quality. "The way this machine works is amazing! It has improved my production rates drastically, and the stitch quality is consistently high," testified Julia, an embroidery boutique owner.
Julia from Mexico posted -2023/10/10

Yet, when it comes to ease of use, some users have struggled. Dave, a hobbyist embroiderer, said, "It’s not the simplest machine to operate. I had to fiddle around quite a bit in the early days. With time, though, I've gotten the hang of it."
David from America-2023/11/11

6.purchase advice

As a embroidered business holder from the reviews, it's clear that both the Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and the Ricoma MT-1501 have their strengths and weaknesses. Which one you choose will depend on your specific needs as an embroiderer.

6.1Users with a limited budget

Both are reasonable for those on a tight budget, the Ricoma MT-1501 might be a better option due to its affordable payment plans.

6.2 Users Who Prefer High-End Embroidery Experiences

If you prefer top-tier quality and performance, and cost is not a barrier, we recommend the Barudan C01.If premium features and ultimate stability are drivers for you then expert will recommend Barudan C01.

6.3 Users who have needs for specific embroidery functions

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner in the embroidery scene, selecting the right embroidery machine can be a daunting task. However, we believe that the in-depth comparison between the Barudan C01 BEKT-S1501CII and Ricoma MT-1501 will clear you to make the ideal choice.

For innovative and specific embroidery functions like cloud-based software and varied needle options, look at the Ricoma MT-1501 .

7.Compatible MaggieFrame magnetic hoop sizes

In the world of embroidery, the quality of your work heavily relies on the tools you use, so choose wisely. After all, it's not just about stitching; it's about creating something extraordinary. There are few sizes of magnetic hoop like - 3.8in by 3.8in and 6.5in by 6.5in, 6.9in by 6.9in.

In essence the compatibility of MaggieFrame sizes with specific embroidery machines like the Barudan and Ricoma can vary based on the machine model and the type of attachment system it uses.It's important to ensure compatibility not just in size but also in how the hoop attaches to the machine.


Q: Can these machines run continuously for large orders?

A: Yes, both machines have proven their reliability in large-scale production scenarios.

Q: Where I can buy this machine and gets technical support?

A: The Barudan C01-BEKT-S1501CII and Ricoma MT-1501 can be purchased from authorized distributors or online platforms like Amazon or Alibaba.

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