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magnetic hoop for embroidery machine

Do Magnetic Hoops Harm Your Embroidery Machine and Fabric?

Recently, many embroiderers have questioned if the magnetic hoops will harm the embroidery machine and fabric. We have all been taught that magnets should not be used with computers because magnets can cause damage to computers. Today, all of our sewing machines, and embroidery machines are computers. Does this mean that using magnetic embroidery hoops will damage our sewing and embroidery machine? There are also some customers who are worried that the magnetism of the magnetic frames are too strong to cause damage to the fabric.

Well, magnetic frames do harm to your embroidery machine and fabric, is it true? In this post, I will explain why MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops are safe.

Question 1: Do magnetic hoop harm your embroidery machine?

Embroidery lovers who have used the magnet hoop must know that when the upper hoop and the bottom frame are close, the two hoops are instantly attached together by the strong magnetic force. When you use the magnetic frames to work your embroidery projects, the magnetism is well shielded by two hoops (the upper hoop and the bottom hoop). Although the magnet frame has a strong magnetic force, it still cannot pass through the two magnetic frames. That' why the magnet hoop will not do harm to your machine, as all the magnetism is concentrated between the two hoops.

We also did a thorough test on the sewing and embroidery machine with no negative effects while using magnetic embroidery hoops. In addition, there are few commercial machines have magnetic fields in the lower arm assembly now. There has never been an issue with a magnetic hoop interfering with the machine's operating system.

Question 2: Do magnetic hoops harm fabrics?

Though you would not think it possible, the magnet frame can be used to hoop all kinds of fabrics. You must think I am bragging. Many customers don't believe it and worry that the magnetic hoops will tear the some fragile fabrics and cause hoop burn, as mgnetic ring has a strong magnetic force. In this regard, I completely get the worries of the customers. We all hope our embroidery works are flawless. In fact, there won't be any issues as long as it's used correctly.embroidery work

Like ordinary cloth, it doesn't need to be described, and the magnet frame can hoop it easily. Let's talk about these fabrics that are easy to tear.

We all know those specialty fabrics such as leather jacket, velvet, terry cloth, netting, and more can be affected by traditional hoops. You must suffer this awful experience that the traditional hoops leave a hoop marks on your embroidery projects. And these speciality fabrics are easy to be caused hoop burn by traditional hoops. How to avoid it happens?

Magnetic hoops can avoid this situation happens. Embroidex magnetic hoops magnetically pull themselves together, you don't have to manually tighten the hoops, reducing hand and wrist strain. Additionally, the way the hoops hold the fabric reduces friction on the frame and fabric, and reduces the chances of hoop burns ruining the appearance of your fabrics. While using magnetic hoops to hoop specialty fabrics, you can put lining paper into the fabric, so as not tear fragile fabrics. Be confident to use magnetic frames for embroidery machine, it does not cause any damage to your embroidery machines and fabric.

It must be mentioned that you must be careful not to pinch your hands when using the magnetic hoops.

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