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  1. Introducing the MaggieFrame

  2. The HoopTalent

  3. Adjustable Frame Fixture

  4. Choosing the Right Hoop Size

  5. Supportive Tabletops

  6. In Summary

    1.Introducing the MaggieFrame:

    MaggieFrame is a game-changer in the embroidery industry. Say goodbye to the tedious task of pressing your material between two rings. The MaggieFrame employs magnets to secure the fabric effortlessly. This magnetic approach is a boon for those who find the traditional method a tad too taxing.



    2. The HoopTalent:

    Meet the HoopTalent, a meticulously designed hooping jig that guarantees perfect alignment every time. With clear markings for both left and right sides, it ensures your embroidery is consistently on point. The MaggieFrame comes with unique tabs that guide its placement during the hooping process. Remember, the gritty, sandpaper-like side should always be on top to grip the material securely.

     3. Adjustable Frame Fixture

    This versatile fixture is tailored to fit various sizes of MaggieFrames. It's your assurance that each time you hoop, your material is perfectly straight and aligned. For those who have an eye for detail in their embroidery work, this is a must-have.


     4. Choosing the Right Hoop Size:

    MaggieFrames come in an array of sizes. It's vital to select a hoop size compatible with your machine's sewing field. Some frames might exceed the machine's sewing area, rendering certain sections of the hoop unusable for embroidery.



    5. Supportive Tabletops:

    For those using larger hoops, a support table can be a lifesaver. It ensures your material doesn't droop due to its weight. Whether you're embroidering tubular items like jackets or flat pieces like blankets, there's a tabletop size to suit your needs


    6. In Summary

    Magnetic hoops, especially the MaggieFrame, along with their complementary tools, are setting new standards in the embroidery world. However, to truly harness their potential, it's crucial to use them correctly and with care




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